Best High End Toaster Oven

When looking for the best high end toaster oven look no further than the Wolf Gourmet counter-top oven.  Tied for the number one spot in the best convection toaster ovens reviews in 2019.

We did a full review on the Wolf Gourmet countertop toaster oven and it’s built like a tank and worth every penny!  One of the top highlights of this oven is the out of the box 5 year full manufacturers warranty which you won’t find on any other toaster oven on the market today.  This is one of the many reasons it’s earned the title of the best high end toaster oven.

Wolf Gourmet Convection Oven

A few of the features of this oven…

  • Convection for faster and more even baking
  • Temperature Probe to insure your meats are cooked to perfection
  • Full Stainless Steel chassis makes it stylish but durable
  • The top can be used as a plate warmer
  • Large Capacity
  • 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Pick from Red, Black or Stainless Steel Knobs to fit the design of any kitchen

The one downside to this oven is the price which floats around $500.00.  Personally I feel it’s outweighed with the warranty and the temperature probe.  The warranty is going to give you great peace of mind if the unit were to have any troubles for 5 years, in which looking at reviews on other toaster ovens, it’s not uncommon for these units to die within a few years.

The temperature probe is a fantastic added bonus which can be used for insuring the roast is at a perfect medium rare or that 9″x13″ pan of lasagna is done in the middle.  This feature you expect in full size ovens not a toaster oven!