GE CEB1590SSSS Cafe 1.5 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave Review

The GE1590SSSS Café countertop microwave is a sleek, modern-looking appliance that appears to be a slightly larger microwave, but is a convection microwave that is capable of so much more than its lesser counterpart. This particular unit is not only able to microwave food but is capable of convection cooking as well, making it a versatile addition to any kitchen. For details on the major advantages to the GE CEB1590SSSS, read on and see if this countertop oven will meet your needs.


The GE1590SSSS countertop microwave convection oven can cook using 1000 microwave watts or using convection heat. The microwave convection oven also has the added benefit of being able to cook using sensor technology, which is to say that it cooks a variety of foods at certain temperatures for certain times to ensure they cook adequately without becoming overcooked. This convenience along with the versatility of being able to cook in two different ways is very attractive to many buyers and is one of the major advantages to the GE CEB1590SSSS over other models.

The GE1590SSSS countertop microwave convection oven comes with a custom-sized rack that fits perfectly within the unit and can be removed for cleaning. The rack position can be changed and it can hold a variety of pan and dish sizes to cook a variety of different foods and meals.

Another major advantage of the GE1590SSSS countertop microwave convection oven is its size. It’s a little on the large size with dimensions of 20.2” wide by 17.2” tall by 23” deep and an internal cooking capacity of 1.5 cubic feet. This allows for larger sized dishes and meals to be accommodated within this countertop oven. The other major advantage to this size is that many owners reportedly have replaced their standard oven and microwave with this unit because it can accommodate meals and dishes of such a large size.

While the GE1590SSSS is considered to be a countertop model, it can also be mounted in a manner that gives it the “built-in” appearance. This particular countertop microwave convection oven is predominantly stainless steel with black accents. The stainless steel of this oven is of excellent quality and weight, making the construction superior to many other models.

Another advantage of this countertop microwave convection oven is the ease of use. While it does contain more dials and buttons than many of the countertop ovens on the market, this model is very simple to use. Simply select the cooking time, press the dial to confirm and press start. For added convenience, this model also has an express cook feature that simply heats the item for 30 seconds.


The final major advantage to the GE1590SSSS is that it is made by reputable appliance manufacturer GE and is backed by a 10-year warranty on major components. This warranty is far superior to most others today and gives the owner much more confidence when buying the GE1590SSSS over other countertop convection ovens.