Wisco 620 Commercial Convection Countertop Oven Review

The Wisco-620 is one of the few commercial- grade countertop ovens that come at a reasonable price and fit into a personal kitchen.  The countertop convection oven is built to be used in a wide variety of applications and has several features that make it an excellent buy.  Read on for a summary of the top advantages to the Wisco-620.

Wisco Features

The Wisco-620 is noticeably of higher quality from first touch.  Many countertop convection ovens look equally sleek and nice, but are made of thin metal and other inferior materials.  The Wisco-620 is noticeably more substantial in terms of construction and also lacks the complex electronics that often fail on other countertop convection oven models.  The beauty in the Wisco-620 is in its simplicity with the basic dials and ease of operation.

Owners of the Wisco-620 report that in addition to being of high-quality construction and of simple design, this countertop convection oven is remarkably easy to clean.  Most of the interior components are stainless steel and can be wiped down when cool.  The three rack shelves that slide in on both sides can be removed for ease of cleaning the unit and the shelves themselves.  The glass front window is large for ease of viewing food without having to open the unit and is very easy to wipe clean as well.

Another significant advantage is that the Wisco-620 heats up quickly and disperses heat evenly within the unit.  This particular countertop convection oven features an internal high-speed fan that circulates the heated air inside the unit evenly and quickly.

Another major advantage of the Wisco-620 is that unlike most other countertop convection ovens, everything comes out or off the unit.  Not only do the custom baking trays come out of the oven, but the three cooking racks can be removed completely for ease of cleaning.  To take it one step farther, the glass front door can also be removed for cleaning and access purposes.

The Wisco-620 has a roomy cooking interior of nearly 0.77 cubic feet, which provides ample space to create a wide variety of dishes in a countertop convection oven that doesn’t overwhelm your kitchen in size.  The actual interior dimensions are a spacious 14” wide, 11” deep and 8” high.  The Wisco-620 has plenty of space to cook three pans of cookies, two or three small casseroles or even a small turkey.


The Wisco-620 is incredibly reliable and durable and receives consistently good reviews from owners.  Despite its commercial quality and grade, the Wisco-620 is aesthetically appealing and looks great in any kitchen.  While in operation, the Wisco-620 is reported to be quiet, even with the fan circulating air in the oven.  Even the bell that chimes when the time is up is appealing.

If you’re looking for a well- built, no-frills, everyday countertop convection oven, look no further than the Wisco-620.